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Cape men charged with rape, kidnapping

By Staff | Aug 23, 2012

Three Cape Coral men are accused of sexual assault and kidnapping.

Nhan N. Pham, 37, of 140 S.W. 58th St., and Danh Nguyen, 18, and Tai Nguyen, 22, both of 4925 S.W. 17th Ave., were each arrested and charged Aug. 5 with sexual assault victim over 12 years of age physical force no damage, along with kidnap commit or facilitate commission of felony.

As of Thursday, they had each been released from jail on $175,000 bond.

Tai Nguyen declined to comment on the allegations against him.

Pham and Danh Nguyen could not be reached for comment Thursday.

At about 10:30 p.m. Aug. 4, a female was walking along Southwest 17th Avenue when she observed a group of people inside of the garage of a home, according to arrest reports. A man approached and began talking to her.

The female reported that she then joined the group to hang out.

Later on that night, three men forced her into a bathroom and sexually assaulted her, she told police. During the attack, she was able to get to her phone and call her sister. Crying, she asked her sister to come get her

The men then reportedly took the phone away from her.

The sister called 911 and a police dispatcher called the victim’s phone pretending to be the victim’s sister, according to reports. The dispatcher tried to obtain the female’s location, but the men would not provide it.

On the recorded call, the female is heard arguing and pleading with the men to let her sister get her. The men are heard telling her she cannot leave.

Police tracked the phone using GPS and responded to the residence.

As officers approached the home, a man shut the garage and all the lights inside the home were turned off, according to reports. Police were eventually allowed into the residence, where they found the female in a back bedroom.

A man was reportedly hiding her in the bedroom. She was not clothed.

The occupants of the home were detained and the female positively identified Pham, Danh Nguyen and Tai Nguyen as the men who sexually assaulted her.

Two other men were present, but the victim said they did not do anything to her. The two told police that they were sleeping until officers awoke them

Pham, Danh Nguyen and Tai Nguyen were taken to the Lee County Jail.

According to reports, they denied any sexual contact with the female and also denied that they were holding her against her will. They told police that they were trying to prevent her from leaving because she was intoxicated.

The female underwent a rape exam and gave police a statement.

The three men have court appearances scheduled Sept. 4.