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Olympic draw not limited to athletes

By Staff | Aug 11, 2012

Cape residents Alan Winslow Jr. and wife Lori, owners of Winslow Press, have just gotten back from the Olympic Games in London.

“We had a great time. This was my ‘Olympic Dream’ – not to go as a competitor – my dream was just to go and see it. I feel fortunate to be able to do that.”

She said she and her husband have always wanted to go and see the games.

“We had friends over there, and they said come on over.”

She said many warned her the atmosphere would be crazy.

“It wasn’t. It was actually very calm, we expected craziness but everything flowed really well, the subway – the tube – ran well. The organization of all the events flowed well and the food and the weather were also great,” Winslow said. “Everything was perfect.”

They attended three events, all of which had a personal meaning to the two of them.

“We saw equestrian competitions, including dressage; it was beautiful,” she said. “They call it horse ballet and it really was.”

It was actually hypnotizing, she added. “The horses looked choreographed.”

She’s a “horse person” who has been riding since she was 3.

“All three events we got to go to had meaning for me; that made it extra special,” Winslow said.

That included boxing.

“I love Olympic boxing. I grew up with my grandfather, who was an amateur boxer.

“We also went to beach volleyball,” she said. “It was a lot of fun.”

They saw the team from China.

“They were so good, the last people to play our team before they beat the Chinese team, the battle before the gold,” Winslow said.

The players were Xue Chen and Zhang Xi and Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor. The Americans won that match 2-0.

She has a picture of herself with the Chinese team.

“We can’t even tell you which event was our favorite,” she said.

Breeze Newspapers Advertising Director Jim Konig may be able to list his favorite – his niece is Water Polo Team member Courtney Mathewson, who just won a gold medal this week.

He followed the action as best he could via match broadcasts.

His niece is from Anaheim Hills, Calif.and her profile is online at teamusa.org/Athletes/Ma/Courtney-Mathewson.

Konig said he is very proud of her.

“I’m also proud of the entire American Water Polo Team and all the American athletes that took part in the Olympics,” he said. “But knowing and understanding the commitment Courtney has made, it is truly a pleasure to see her succeed.”