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Forum excludes Democrat candidate

By Staff | Aug 10, 2012

To the Editor:

The recent SECOND snubbing and exclusion of a Democrat at a congressional debate forum sponsored by the (supposedly) non-partisan Chamber of Commerce (this one in North Fort Myers) was a sham. Although the Chamber and the local newspaper advertised the event to include ALL candidates, and the church in which the event was held claimed it was a non-partisan event on their website, only Republican candidates were invited to take the stage.

Republicans comprise only about 44% of Lee County now. Republicans are getting more and more desperate to hold onto the control they have and are actively EXCLUDING Democrats from community forums that the Chamber advertised as open to all candidates. They are trying, fairly successfully, to marginalize democrats and give voters the impression that democrats are a tiny minority. Here are the facts: Lee County registered voters 375,723; Republicans 166,624 = 44%; Democrats 110,748 = 29%; Other 98,351 = 26%

Many people are registered as Republican only to vote in primaries, when they really lean Democrat or independent. Barack Obama got over 44% of the vote in Lee County in 2008. A local Democrat who speaks to local issues and people’s needs could win this congressional district, which may be why they are trying to silence, hide, and marginalize combat veteran, well-studied and prepared smart-guy, Democrat Jim Roach.

Let the voters know there is a great candidate running for congress. He is smart, mature, well educated and prepared to represent the interests of this district. He lives in Cape Coral with his wife, Theresa, who was a kindergarten teacher on Pine Island for more than two decades. He ran against Connie Mack in the 2010 election and made a fair showing against a very well funded incumbent. Roach could win this open seat.

Let the voters hear all the candidates. Stop the game playing and bullying. What are you afraid of?

Kate Duffy

Fort Myers Beach