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Beating victim faces drug charges

By Staff | Aug 9, 2012

A Cape Coral man who was reportedly robbed and beaten at his home earlier this week is facing drug charges in connection to an undercover operation.

Christopher Mark Brothers, 50, of 2549 Shelby Parkway, was arrested Wednesday and charged with heroin sell and opium or derivative sell, as well as two counts of drug possess controlled substance without prescription.

As of Thursday, he remained at the Lee County Jail on $13,000 bond.

According to Cape Coral Police Department officials, detectives had been investigating possible drug sales at Brothers’ home for the past two months.

“Undercover detectives purchased narcotics from Brothers on several occasions during that time,” spokesman Lt. Tony Sizemore reported.

At about 7 p.m. Wednesday, detectives executed a search warrant at the residence. Brothers was taken into custody and transported to the jail.

The day before, Brothers was a victim of a home invasion robbery.

According to an incident report, Brothers arrived home at approximately 8:30 p.m. Tuesday and began to make dinner. He soon heard loud knocking at his front door. As he approached the door, it swung open without warning.

Two men standing in the doorway demanded money from Brothers.

He stated that he was attacked immediately by the men and then dragged into his bedroom. The two again demanded money from Brothers and he gave them his wallet, which contained $500 in cash. The men then fled the home.

Brothers reported that he was beaten during the entire incident, and he was beaten more when he tried to flee. His cell phone went missing in the incident.

A friend of Brothers arrived at the home as the robbery took place.

According the report, he stopped by to hang out and watch TV. As he approached the front door, he saw it was open and heard unknown voices coming from inside. One person was demanding money from Brothers.

Realizing what was happening, he ran to the car and called 911.

As the man reapproached the home, he saw two men fleeing the scene.

He then entered the residence in an effort to help Brothers.

Police noted on the report that Brothers had been badly beaten to the head and body, but he refused to be transported to the hospital for treatment.

“The events of Tuesday night highlight the dangers these activities pose in peaceful residential neighborhoods,” Sizemore reported Thursday.

“Often times we hear stories of suspects robbing the wrong house, and innocent people are hurt or worse,” he continued. “This activity can attract gunfire and more innocent people can be hurt or killed.”

Brothers has a court appearance scheduled for Sept. 10.