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Two islanders open Spa 33 in Matlacha

By Staff | Aug 1, 2012

Two sisters, who have a passion of helping others feel better, decided to go into business together and open a spa in Matlacha next to the post office – which opened Monday, July 30.

Tammey Lynch and Nadine Southall grew up in Cape Coral after their family moved to the area in 1973. They both now live on the island.

A mother and daughter also joined the team at Spa 33.

Kaitlyn White will work as the receptionist and event coordinator. White, who is a recent graduate of Ida Baker High School, began her pursuit in becoming an esthetician in August at Florida Academy of Massage and Skin Care. Once her studies are completed she will transition into a skin care therapist at Spa 33.

Southall said she will bring the latest advancements in skin care, body wrapping, certification in micro-dermabrasion and LED and receive a certificate in advanced make-up techniques.

White’s mother, Carrie Barnhill, will also join the team as a nail technician and receptionist. She is currently studying alternative medicine at Everglades University. Barnhill is a third generation resident of the island.

“We are pleased to have them join our team,” Southall said.

The sisters’ business includes such services as manicures, pedicures, massages and facials for their clients.

The name of the spa holds a special meaning to Lynch and Southall due to them incorporating their family in the name and logo.

The number 33 was chosen because it was their father’s favorite number.

Lynch said since their dad passed away three years ago in November, it was important to incorporate him in their new business.

The spa’s symbol, a butterfly, also has a special family meaning.

Lynch said her father-in-law passed away the same year her father did, but in September. Her children knew their papa was with them when they saw a butterfly fly around them or sit close to them – that he was always looking after them.

“We feel we have their guidance and support,” Southall said.

The duo brings their background of nursing and cosmetology to the table with their new business to provide the best service for their clients.

Southall spent 14 years in the nursing industry before she decided to change the way she helped others last August when she became a massage therapist.

“My sister took me for my first massage and I knew that’s what I wanted to do,” she said.

The sense of touch, she knew was important due to her many years of nursing, but she never experienced it personally.

“I could go far with this because of my nursing background,” she said of the massage therapy career path.

Southall’s background provides her with an insight of the anatomy and physiology of the body, which helps her understand her client. Although this does not give her the authority to issue medical advice to her clients, it gives her the tools to evaluate what they need to help them feel better.

In addition, Southall said she has a better understanding of medication and the disease process due to her nursing career, which allows her to help her client and not hurt them in the long run.

Therapeutic massages are what Southall provides for her clients the most.

She said she offers 60-minute massages, which the client will get in full, along with extra time if needed for no extra cost.

“If I find you need more than an hour, you will get it,” Southall said, upon assessment. “It’s about doing the right thing for each individual and providing quality service.”

To accommodate this service, a 30-minute window is left between all of the massages.

When the client feels comfortable, Southall teams up with her client’s physician, physical therapist and chiropractor to find out what the best care is for her client.

Lynch, a cosmetologist of 15 years, is very passionate about providing a sanitary environment for her clients when doing manicures and pedicures. This is important to her because she wants to eliminate the possibility of people getting an infection or having fungus under the nails.

She said each of her clients will have their own nail file and buffer that they will store in their file.

Once the client leaves, she will sanitize and sterilize the equipment that is used and put it back in their file.

“Everything will be theirs,” Lynch said, adding there is no extra charge for this service.

It is also important for the sisters to incorporate a family atmosphere at the salon. Any young girl who goes to Spa 33 with their mother or father that are up to 10 years of age will receive a free manicure when visiting.

In addition, the sisters also have a plan for reaching out to the community to provide their services.

Southall was also an educator for five years for a women’s health practice. Due to that path, she said she wanted to provide more than spa services to her clients, so she joined together with Dixie Dakos to teach classes.

Right now the sisters are planning on holding educational classes for a minimum of once a month with a goal of twice a month on such topics as empowering women and support for grandparents who are parenting.

They wanted to provide the classes because it is about taking care of yourself and decreasing stress.

In-home care will also be provided once a month for someone in need that could use an hour or two that cannot afford the service or have the means of transportation to get to the spa.

Princess parties will also be a part of Spa 33.

Lynch said they have more than 30 princess costumes, tiaras and shoes for the girls to wear. The girls will also be treated to a spa day with light make-up, hairdos and their nails done for a little fashion show.

Butterflies will also be incorporated into the birthday party by the birthday girl taking one out of a cage and releasing it into the wild while making a birthday wish.

Southall said the idea is inspired by them spending time with their 6-year-old daughters.