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Construction to slow Cape Bridge traffic

By Staff | Jul 31, 2012

Motorists who use the Cape Coral Bridge, and have dealt with many inconveniences since construction began on the toll plaza more than a year ago, are about to experience more delays starting late Thursday night.

And it will result in one fewer toll lane being open for the time being.

The College Parkway overpass will be closed from McGregor Boulevard to the Cape Coral Bridge toll plaza Thursday evening from 9 p.m., until 1 a.m.

At that time, crews will set up barricades for a new traffic pattern. Motorists must use the McGregor Boulevard on-ramp to access the toll plaza.

On Friday, two westbound travel lanes will shift to the right.

“There are two lanes west on the far right and two far left, which will be moved to the right to create four lanes,” said Kris Cella, public information director with Cella, Molnar & Associates for Compass Construction.

While this is happening, there will be only three toll lanes open.

From Friday through Tuesday there will be one LeeWay/SunPass lane on the far right of the toll plaza adjacent to the administration building, and two cash booths LeeWay/ SunPass customers may use.

“Lane 4 will be closed so we can relocate toll equipment and wires that were underground,” Cella said.

Lane 4 will open for LeeWay/SunPass customers Tuesday afternoon.

Cella said during this period, LeeWay/SunPass customers should consider using the Midpoint Bridge.

Construction has caused many challenges for motorists since it began in April 2011. Toll lanes have been cut from seven to four, creating a long wait to get back into town.

On May 14 and 15, the bridge was closed so crews could place barrier walls for a new traffic pattern at the plaza westbound and remove an overhead sign eastbound.

But there is a dawn on the horizon. Construction is set to finish in September, Cella said.