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CCPD conducting death investigation

By Staff | Jul 18, 2012

Authorities are investigating the circumstances surrounding a man found dead Wednesday morning inside of a residence in southwest Cape Coral.

At about 11:30 a.m., Cape Coral police responded to a home at 505 S.W. 49th Lane. According to officials, officers discovered a man dead inside of the residence. Cape detectives and forensics personnel were called upon.

The Lee County Medical Examiner’s also responded to the scene.

No further details were available as of Wednesday evening.

Neighbor Joe Hansen, of 425 S.W. 49th Lane, said an elderly man named Leroy had been renting the home for about a year and a half. The two would talk when Hansen was out walking his dogs, as he does on a regular basis.

“He was a very nice guy,” he said, adding that Leroy used a walker.

“I found him very interesting,” Hansen said.

He believed his neighbor was a carpenter or tradesman as he always had lumber in his truck. He may have been a veteran because he spoke of WWII.

“I thought he was a very nice man,” Hansen said.

There was a middle-aged man who appeared to live with Leroy, who Hansen believed had once introduced himself as Leroy’s son. Hansen said he spoke to him Sunday morning and the man asked for Hansen’s number for his father.

George Davies, of 513 S.E. 49th Lane, reported that he never talked to his neighbor, but would see the elderly man on occasion when he got his mail.

“I thought somebody stayed with him,” he said.

Neighbor Jo Anne Howanietz said she and her husband took notice of the police and firefighter lights and sirens across the street at about 11 a.m. They have been in their home, at 506 S.W. 49th Lane, for about a month.

She said they never had a chance to meet their neighbor, but that the man who used a walker seemed nice enough as he would often wave to them.

“He seemed really friendly, but we didn’t get to know him,” she said.

According to public records, Leroy Taylor resides in the home.