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Cape man slain in Alabama

By Staff | Jun 23, 2012

A Cape Coral man was killed last week in Alabama, reportedly by the estranged husband of a woman at whose home he had been staying.

Scott Williamson, 41, was arrested and charged Friday with first-degree murder in the death of Scott Brian Rorabeck, 46, of Northeast 32nd Terrace. Williamson reportedly hit him on the head with a rock, then cut his throat.

“This is tragic,” Police Chief Jimmy Huckeba, of Butler, Ala., said in a phone interview. “It was just a senseless act that shouldn’t have happened.”

“We’re doing all we can so justice is brought,” he said Thursday.

Williamson is being held at the Choctaw County Jail on $75,000 bond. However, he will not be released due to having probation violations.

“We don’t have a future court date now,” Huckeba said.

The law firm Newton, Dolbare and Lynch is representing Williamson.

“We simply look forward to representing Mr. Williamson and giving him a proper defense,” attorney Perry Newton said, adding that he expects due process to be followed in the case. “We’re very early on in the process.”

He declined to comment on the specifics of the case.

At about 4:15 a.m. Friday, Butler police responded to a 911 call from the residence of Becky Williamson, at 607 E. Pushmataha Ave. An officer arrived and found Rorabeck inside the home lying in a pool of blood, Huckeba said.

Rorabeck apparently had been staying with Becky Williamson, Williamson’s estranged wife, for about a week after getting out of a local hospital. Police officials did not know Thursday why Rorabeck was hospitalized or how long.

For the past couple of weeks, Williamson had been staying at a motel.

On Friday, he allegedly entered his wife’s home and confronted Rorabeck. Rorabeck had already told Becky Williamson to hide. Witnesses stated that they heard the two men scuffling, then Williamson made some comments.

Williamson left, but then returned and reportedly attacked Rorabeck.

“It looks like he was hit with a rock, possibly several times,” Huckeba said.

He added that Williamson cut Rorabeck’s throat with a kitchen knife.

Williamson fled in his estranged wife’s vehicle, officials said.

Butler police contacted the Alabama Bureau of Investigations, which is assisting with the case. Authorities tracked the vehicle’s GPS and located Williamson still in Choctaw.

He was taken into custody without incident.

A medical examiner listed Rorabeck’s injuries as blunt force trauma.

Along with Becky Williamson, her daughter-in-law and 3-year-old grandchild were inside of the residence during the attack, according to Huckeba.

She may have met Rorabeck on an online social networking site.

“It’s an ongoing investigation,” he said.

On May 13, Rorabeck’s wife filed a missing persons report with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office. Shelley Rorabeck reported that she last saw her husband asleep on the morning of May 11 as she was leaving for work.

Shelley Rorabeck is a training assistant at the LCSO, according to officials.

She stated that she and Rorabeck had not had an argument recently, and that she did not feel there was any immediate provocation for him to leave.

Rorabeck’s mother reported receiving a call from her son at about 10:30 a.m. May 11. Rorabeck asked for money, but she did not give him any.

According to the report, Rorabeck withdrew about $1,100 out of their joint checking account the same day and rented a vehicle at the Ocala Airport.

A woman answered their phone Thursday but declined to comment.