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Cape man accused of abuse after child treated for broken leg

By Staff | Jun 16, 2012

A Cape Coral man is facing a child abuse charge after a toddler he was watching was recently rushed to a hospital with a fractured leg bone.

Jesus A. Marrero, 30, of 1759 Four Mile Cove Parkway, Apt. 430, was arrested and charged Wednesday with cruelty toward child aggravated abuse. As of Friday, he had been released from jail on $10,000 bond.

According to an arrest report, a 2-year-old was brought into the emergency room Saturday at HealthPark Medical Center by ambulance.

The toddler had bruises and abrasions to the face, bruises to the left arm and shoulder, bruises to the left and right side of the ribs, a fractured right femur and elevated liver enzymes consistent with blunt abdominal trauma.

The child’s mother reported that she was at the Cape Coral Hospital emergency room when she got a call from Marrero. He told her that her toddler had been injured, and she instructed Marrero to contact 911.

She said Marrero told her that her child and his child had been playing, and that one pushed the other and her child fell on a dresser, hurting his leg.

According to the report, Marrero told police that he was caring for both children and they were “acting up.” He said they were crying and yelling, and he yelled back. Marrero stated that he “got upset” and lost his temper.

He reportedly picked up the toddler and “squeezed too hard,” causing the bruising around the ribcage. He reportedly began spanking the child, at which time the toddler’s face allegedly struck the wall, resulting in facial injuries.

Marrero reportedly told police that the toddler tried to stand up while being disciplined, so he told the child no and pushed the youth back down, the report states. It was at this time Marrero heard the leg fracture “like a chopstick breaking.”

Marrero was taken into custody and transported to the Lee County Jail.

He declined to talk about the allegations Friday over the telephone.

Marrero has a court appearance scheduled for July 16.