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CHR director reports progress in several areas

By Staff | Jun 15, 2012

Kelly Collini

Kelly Collini has been extremely busy over the past two months settling into

her new position as executive director of Sanibel’s Community Housing &

Resources (CHR). Her appearances at island functions, meeting with staff and

tenants and visiting service organization meetings has not gone unnoticed.

At Monday’s CHR monthly board of directors meeting, Collini proudly reported

having acquired a $3,000 donation from the Rotary Club earmarked for

landscaping improvements at the Airport Road housing campus.

“I’m really anxious to get into (more) fundraising, which I do best,”

Collini said.

The board backs her fundraising efforts “as time and the opportunity

arises.” The non-profit entity has some higher priority projects and

fence-mending to do.

Collini also attended a Calcutta for the Doc Ford’s Golf Tournament and

accepted a check for $1,360. Membership gifts and donations through June 8

total more than $37,900.

Collini reported that since assuming her position in April, she is moving

into more of a supervisory role with CHR staff, working on office culture

and communication and addressing tenant concerns.

The board also approved a series of goals and priorities for Collini to

pursue over the next four months.

Board treasurer Melissa Rice reported on the financial status, indicating

CHR will run a “slight negative through September, then see a positive flow


That status led the board to recommend three vacant studio apartments at the

Riverview campus to return to rental availability status. It has been

recommended that the cluster of four studios, which have been difficult to

rent, be converted to two one-bedroom units.

The board felt the cost associated with the conversion did not warrant

pursuing at this time especially since the 10-unit structure possibly could

be limited by long-term Federal SHIP grants.

The executive committee proposed that CHR board meetings be moved to the

third Monday of every month rather than the second. A poll of all board

members showed no conflicts or objections and the board voted unanimously to

begin the new meeting schedule with the third Monday in September.