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Against removing boat dock ban

By Staff | Jun 15, 2012

Letter to the Editor,

At the present time Jerry, of Jerry’s Foods, is a plaintiff in a lawsuit against the city of Sanibel.

The suit is to remove the ban on future boat docks on the bay shoreline between Dixie Beach Boulevard and the Lighthouse. About a year ago, this same request was voted down by unanimous vote of the City Council. If this ban is removed it will allow 63 new boat docks with an average length of over 100 feet each.

This shallow bay aquatic habitat is comprised of sensitive sea grass beds that provide for a great number of fish and invertebrate species. Jerry has every right to sue the city if he feels it is in his interest.

Because of his actions I have decided that it is no longer in my interest to shop at Jerry’s Foods.

Let’s keep Sanibel, Sanibel.

Dean Skaugstad