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Cape Council to consider allowing check presentations at meetings

By Staff | Jun 13, 2012

All Heather Mazurkiewicz wanted to do was present a check on behalf of her organization to Special Pops at a city council meeting. Before you knew it, the request created a stir with council to the point where it just might consider doing that in the future.

Mazurkiewicz called the mayor’s office on Tuesday to make a request on behalf of Leadership Class to present a check to Special Pops for a fundraiser it did on its behalf, which was denied, she said.

Mazurkiewicz questioned Mayor John Sullivan during the public comment portion of the meeting as to his rationale behind the decision.

“This is something that prior councils didn’t do,” Sullivan answered. “If we did this, we would have people lining up outside chambers with huge checks.”

This started a dialogue with council that led it to consider check presentations during meetings in the future.

“This brings us together as a community. I don’t mind sharing the dais with people who help the community,” said Councilmember Kevin McGrail. “It makes us proud to live in Cape Coral.”

Mazurkiewicz refuted Sullivan’s claims, saying her Leadership Class of 2001 made a check presentation before council.

The council last month gave its approval for the city’s fire department to present a check to fight muscular dystrophy.

“The class was very disappointed it wouldn’t be able to make its presentation. We felt it was a goodwill gesture and wanted to let the other citizens watch and want to get involved,” Mazurkiewicz said.

In other business, the council finally approved the ordinance for the Sandoval PDP for Phase III.

At issue was the timing of the construction of a connector from Sandoval to Pine Island Road, which is due for completion shortly before Phase IV of the project, which will include commercial development.The motion was continued on May 21 after council balked at some last-minute changes to Sandoval’s plans without a presentation to Planning and Zoning.

Phase III of the development includes the building of 500 residential units.

A two-land connector to SR78 is to be built no later than June 11, 2017, as a condition to begin Phase III, with an extension to four lanes no later than June 11, 2022.

Staff requested a traffic light at the intersection, according to Persides Zambrano, of the Cape Coral Public Works Dept.

The developer is expected to provide financial security for the two-lane connector.

The council also cancelled the scheduled June 20 Committee of the Whole Meeting, which was to discuss the Utilities Expansion Project, and reschedule it for July 18.

The council will likely discuss if the project will be managed in-house, out-sourced, or, as City Manager John Szerlag suggested, a possible hybrid of the two.