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CCPD recognizes students in ‘Do The Right Thing’

By Staff | May 16, 2012

The Cape Coral Police Department recognized seven local students Wednesday at the monthly “Do The Right Thing” ceremony at City Hall.

Overall winner:

– Vanessa Wyatt, seventh grade, Challenger Middle, daughter of Sandy Rodriguez and Sean Wyatt

Vanessa’s grandmother has been taking care of Vanessa’s great-grandmother for some time now, but recently had to focus on her own health while receiving cancer treatments. While she was doing this, Vanessa selflessly volunteered to help out by taking over the care of her great-grandmother, who is blind and bedridden. She kept her great-grandmother clean, regularly changed her bedding, applied lotion to prevent bedsores and made sure she stayed hydrated. Her very adult and caring actions eased the strain on her grandmother until she was once again able to care for the elderly lady. Vanessa’s mother said Vanessa is her little ray of sunshine, trying to help others. We thank Vanessa for devoting her time, energy and patience to her family.

– Mikala Camero, seventh grade, Challenger Middle, daughter of Heather and Richard Jurkowski

Mikala is a member of the Challenger Middle School National Junior Honor Society, where she participates in monthly service projects. In order to be a member of the organization, students have to show evidence of superior leadership, scholarship, service, citizenship and character. Mikala has exemplified all of these traits throughout the first semester of her membership. Along with successfully completing her individual service hours, Mikala asked to share information with the Junior Honor Society members regarding a project currently being promoted by the local Aeropostle Store, a business that many of her classmates patronize. The store was collecting used blue jeans for homeless teens. Given permission from her administrator, Mikala promoted the program to her club members and friends and, as a result, was able to donate a total of 20 pairs of gently used blue jeans. Mikala is a very bright and vivacious young woman who is involved in many different activities at school, as well as at home. We are very proud of her for her leadership skills and superior character.

– Cory Fairfield, 12th grade, Mariner High, son of Eric and Kristi Fairfield

Cory is college bound with a goal of getting a master’s degree in criminal justice. He works part time at Liberty Tax Service and Jungle Golf, where he has made it a habit to look out for others. At Jungle Golf, he has been known to help out patrons by paying for their lunch if they run short of cash or paying for their taxi if they have overspent and cannot get home. It was his actions at Liberty Tax Service, though, that earned him this nomination. You may recognize Cory as the dancing Statue of Liberty that performed in front of the business on Del Prado Boulevard South four hours a day with the tax preparation sign. While on the job, Cory found a wallet containing credit cards, an original social security card and a driver’s license, among other items, but no phone number to reach the owner. Cory did not hesitate to do what he felt was right. He knew how he would feel to lose such valuable documents, so after work, despite his very busy schedule, he drove 20 miles to the address in Fort Myers to return the wallet to its grateful owner. We are proud of Cory for his kind, caring and proactive nature.

– Cynthia Hernandez, fifth grade, Gulf Elementary, daughter of Taimy Lopez

Cynthia’s bus driver dropped her off from school on a Wednesday in late March with another student, who is a second-grader at Gulf Elementary. The second-grader’s father was not at the stop as he normally was and the girl had no idea how to get home and was scared. Cynthia had the common sense to call the school from her cell phone to ask where the student lived because she wanted to make sure the girl got home safely. Upon getting instructions from the school, Cynthia waited at the bus stop with the girl until her dad arrived. Cynthia is a patrol at Gulf Elementary and is a very caring student. She is kind and conscientious, and we thank her for her actions in keeping a schoolmate safe.

– Alexey Ignashkin, seventh grade, Oasis Charter Middle, son of Roman Ignashkin

As the city begins to turn the corner from the foreclosure issues it has been dealing with, some areas have seen more debris than usual. One young man, though, is doing his part to keep Cape Coral looking its best. Alexey has been spending his free time helping to keep our city clean. A couple of times a week, he goes to a job site with his father. While his father works, Alexey collects trash from the empty lots, canals and local neighborhoods and puts it in his father’s dumpster. He understands that a clean community is a beautiful community, and he is proud of being able to show his citizenship and do his part to make the Cape its best.

– Caitlin Powers, seventh grade, Challenger Middle, daughter of Dawn Powers

Caitlin is a student aide and her teacher states, “I have never seen another child who works as hard as she.” Caitlin helps out diligently with many different tasks around the classroom. She also volunteers her time to tutor a student who is greatly struggling with math. The child, like Caitlin, lost his father last year, so they have a common bond. Rather than getting frustrated with him when he does not understand something, she is patient and works hard with him and helps to build his ego by telling his teacher how wonderfully he is doing when he catches on. She is genuinely excited for him. Her teacher states that Caitlin is by far the best help, including adults, that she has ever had in her classroom. Caitlin has struggled recently with her own issues, but we are proud of her for choosing to spend time with others to help them with their tribulations.

– Cameron Swartz, 10th grade, Mariner High, son of Cheryl and Scott Swartz

Since Cameron began attending Mariner High last year, he has shown tremendous school spirit and selflessness. Last year, he offered his talents on the steel drum to bring tropical melodies to the island theme of the junior/senior prom, helping to make it a memorable event for his schoolmates. This year, Cameron heard about an open house for prospective new students. He knew that his swim coach, who was not a school employee, would not be able to make it to the event to promote the team, but took on the task of finding representation despite the absence of the coach. Cameron organized fellow swimmers and the team captain and acquired permission for the students to man the table and be included in Open House Night. There was a nice turnout of interested eighth-graders, and Cameron and his teammates were able to politely provide accurate information about the swim team. Cameron is kind, quick to lend a hand and is always thinking ahead to help improve the situation, and we thank him for that.

Source: Cape Coral Police Department