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Man shoots friend with BB gun, injuring him

By Staff | May 10, 2012

A man was taken to the hospital Wednesday after being shot with a BB gun.

At about 11:30 p.m., the Cape Coral police responded to a report of a battery at the Cape Coral Hospital emergency room. Raymond V. Worrell, 26, of Clementon, N.J., stated that he had been shot with the gun by a friend.

He said he did not want to press charges as he told his friend to do it.

While at the hospital, police encountered Worrell’s friend. He reported that he and Worrell were playing around with the BB gun and decided to shoot each other. He first shot Worrell in the leg, then Worrell fired at him but missed.

According to a police report, Worrell later wanted a girl to come over and told his friend that he could shoot him again if the girl could come over.

The friend said he then shot Worrell in chest, causing a penetrating injury.

Worrell was complaining about the pain, so he went to the hospital.

Police also spoke to a woman who reported that she had bought the BB gun at a store that day. Based on the incident, she no longer wanted the gun.

The BB gun was turned over to officers for destruction.

As of Thursday, Worrell had been discharged from the hospital.