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Poetic License: Poem, fall not far from me

By Staff | May 4, 2012

Poem, fall not far from me,

Bitter or sweet, your words are mine.

You are my apple, I am your tree.

Try as you might you cannot flee,

Bound as we are like grape to vine.

Poem, fall not far from me.

Seek not separate epiphany,

Or look to sip a different wine,

You are my fruit, I am your tree.

Grounded in shade is your destiny,

New loves and worlds cannot be thine,

Poem, fall not far from me.

No child of discord will you be,

Ripe with rebellion in every line,

You are the scion, but I am the tree.

Tempt not some Adam to bite on thee

To make his Eve in verse outshine.

I am the knowledge, I am the tree —

Fall not, Poem, far from me.