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Teen charged with felony battery after attacking another student at school

By Staff | May 3, 2012

A Mariner High School student who thought another boy was talking about him is accused of slapping and punching the teen Monday at school.

Jeremy Andrew Cope, 16, of 4844 Flamingo Drive, St. James City, was arrested and charged with one count of commit felony battery.

At about 6:55 a.m., a fight erupted in the cafeteria prior to the start of school. The two were separated and Cope was taken to student affairs.

According to a report from the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, Cope stated that he heard that the other boy was talking about him and calling him fake. So he walked up to the teen in the cafeteria and “just began hitting him.”

The 14-year-old victim reported that he was sitting at a table when Cope approached and stated, “I hear you’re talking about me.” Before he could say anything, Cope slapped him in the face and began punching him in the nose.

The attack caused the teen’s nose to bleed.

The boy stated that he put his hands up to try and block Cope’s punches, then Cope started hitting him in the face with his knee, causing injuries.

Both students’ parents were notified of incident.

Cope was sent home with an appointment for a school hearing.

The victim’s parent took him to the Cape Coral Hospital.

According to the report, the teen sustained a broken bone in his nose, a broken orbital bone around his right eye and a laceration under his left eye.

His parents informed the LCSO that they would be pressing charges.

Cope was booked Wednesday at the Lee County Juvenile Detention Center.

He was reportedly not injured during Monday’s altercation.