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Update: Teens charged in Lehigh homicides transferred to juvenile detention facility

By Staff | Apr 15, 2012

A pair of teens charged in a double homicide in Lehigh Acres that left a 16-year-old youth and his mother dead have been transferred from the Lee County Jail to a juvenile justice detention facility.

Justin D. Wirth, 16, of 4319 13th Street West, Lehigh Acres, and Clayton T. Combs, 17, of 19180 Ethel Drive, North Fort Myers. have been charged with two counts of 1st degree (premeditated) murder and one count of home invasion robbery with a firearm in the deaths of Amy Ann Lorah, 43, and her son William “Dalton” Haley.

Wirth had intended to rob and kill Haley, officials said in a prepared statement issued Saturday, adding that Wirth, who had armed himself with a handgun, asked Combs to drive him to the home at 49th Street West and help carry out the crime.

Wirth had visited Haley on previous occasions and Haley had reportedly carelessly pointed a gun at him.

The two arrived at the home late Sunday, April 8, entered, and Wirth shot and killed Haley, officials said. He then went to Amy Lorah’s bedroom, shot and wounded her, and then shot her twice more after she staggered into the kitchen.

Wirth and Combs then stole a safe, which contained approximately $370 dollars cash, and a firearm, officials said.

Wirth reportedly gave Combs $150 dollars from the safe for his role in the murders and robbery. The 9mm handgun was later sold for $140 dollars.

Officials say the two were developed as suspects following numerous interviews.

“I want to thank the detectives who have been working diligently and tirelessly to solve this senseless crime,” Sheriff Mike Scott said in the statement issued by his office. ” While the work continues to bring justice for these crimes and the others of this past week, please know our hearts, our thoughts and our prayers remain with the families of these victims.”

The deaths were discovered at about 8:30 p.m. April 9 by deputies responding to a call regarding a possible injured person or persons. The front door was unsecured and a trail of blood through the residence led to the two victims.

Spent 9mm shell casings were scattered throughout the home.

Wirth and Combs were arrested and charged early Saturday morning The two were booked into the Lee County Jail and then turned over to the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice.

Juveniles taken into custody on criminal charges are brought to the Lee County Jail to be processed.

While they are physically separate from adults, the process is much the same as the accused are fingerprinted, photographed and, then, processed by personnel assigned to the Juvenile Assessment Center. In this particular case, the two juveniles were released to DJJ and transported to their detention facility where they remain, officials said Sunday.

Source: Lee County Sheriff’s Office