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Full agenda: Fishing ordinance, manager contract among items for council consideration Monday

By Staff | Apr 7, 2012

Monday night’s City Council meeting at city hall promises to be as busy as the previous two meetings weren’t.

Among the myriad to proposals to consider will be the approval of the new city manager’s contract and the hotly debated ordinance to prohibit fishing from, around and under certain city bridges.

The city manager contract appears to be a done deal. The fishing ordinance, not so much.

John Szerlag’s contract proposal was finalized this past week, which will include a $160,000 salary, four weeks leave per year, a $650 per month travel allowance and a $500 per month housing allowance for up to 18 months, among other things.

Crossing political lines, the council gave rave reviews on the job Councilmember Rana Erbrick did in negotiating the best deal for the city.

With the extra tweaking done on the contract, the council is expected to ratify it.

“There won’t be much of a discussion, I don’t think,” Mayor John Sullivan said. “We agreed to what it was going to be, so it’s not a big issue.”

That cannot be said about Kevin McGrail’s ordinance that would ban fishing on certain bridges in town, most of them on Old Burnt Store Road in the north Cape.

Despite pleas from residents to consider the prohibition (and to make it take effect on all city bridges), the council, especially Sullivan and the police department, expressed concerns over how the police would enforce the law, which as much as it already has on its plate.

“We haven’t done what we can to deter people from doing what they’ve been doing,” Sullivan said. “It ruins it for all the good fishermen, and I oppose it.”

Most of the other agenda items have been discussed in previous council workshops.

Among them are three motions pertaining to legal aspects, motions to purchase firefighter suits and pants, traffic paint, timekeeping software and emergency potable water for emergencies.

The council also will address three personnel actions and Cape Coral Development Associates LLC (Bonita Bay Group) is requesting Council to accept transportation staff’s recommendations regarding pending road-related improvements on Trafalgar Parkway, and the dedication of an 80-foot right of way for a future frontage road to SR-78.

Sullivan said despite all the items the council has to consider, he doesn’t expect the meeting to run past midnight, either.

He does think the fishing ordinance will attract the most attention.

“The residents will express themselves, there’s no doubt,” Sullivan said. “I think this should be the last issue they consider.”