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Man dies after falling into Cape lake

By Staff | Mar 29, 2012

A Cape Coral man died earlier this week after falling into a lake.

Russell McCharles, 74, of 3517 Ceitus Parkway, died at Cape Coral Hospital after being taken to the facility in critical condition.

At about 9:30 a.m. Monday, a man was on his lanai when he heard a loud splash across the lake. Approximately seven minutes later, the man heard a woman screaming and he got in his car and drove around to her location.

According to a report, he met the woman in the driveway and she stated that her husband, McCharles, was in the water. He told her to call 911.

At the lake, he observed McCharles face down in the water by a dock. He jumped in and began mouth-to-mouth to McCharles as he moved toward the dock ladder. Unable to hoist up McCharles, he headed for the lake’s bank.

The man continued to perform CPR until first responders arrived.

The woman, Marlene McCharles, told officers that her husband was outside fishing or walking while she was inside getting ready. When McCharles did not return home, she went looking for him and found him floating in the water.

She said her husband is not a very good swimmer and has health issues.

McCharles was transported to Cape Coral Hospital. At the time that the report was completed, hospital staff said he was alive but in critical.

On Thursday, officials reported that McCharles had died.