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Poetic License: Thoughts While Waiting to Make a Left Turn

By Staff | Mar 22, 2012

Thoughts While Waiting To Make A Left Turn Onto Periwinkle Way At Height of Season

Creating the paradise is easiest:

Usually you pick a place everyone else overlooked,

That goes against the current fashion,

Has some very special things: unspoiled beaches

Filled with shells, a great big sanctuary

For animals, birds, trees and man

To be as close as they can ever be

And a beautiful bridge to get you there.

Then you pick out your spot and build on it

For far less the cost you hope

It will someday be worth,

And you revel in the restrictions and the limitations

You would never have put up with elsewhere:

Government telling people what to do

To keep other people from pouring in

And ruining your Eden.

Maintaining the paradise is harder:

The place is discovered, it’s hot, everyone wants it,

The price of land and houses, everything, rises

Like the Australian Pines you want to topple;

Builders burst out of their woodwork

Building like beavers before a flood,

Demolishing and replacing the bungalows

Of those who loved paradise first —

The battle to contain them rages

And you choose the side of necessary ordinance

And the causeway dragon guarding the moat of your island.

Travel magazines put you on their covers

And Fodor selects Sanibel: number one place to visit in the world!

Everyone’s renting and buying and suddenly

There are never vacancies and the whole world,

It seems, wants to taste and drink

The milk of your paradise.

Leaving the paradise is hardest —

The anaconda snake of pick-up trucks, campers and convertibles

Slowly choking Periwinkle

Suddenly relaxes,

A tiny space appears between two SUV’s

And like a wild animal set free –

You make your left turn.