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Poetic License: Diptych

By Staff | Mar 14, 2012

Diptych: Space Invaders

Inspiration for Artist Stephen Hayford


Hawk cries and gator lies across the lake

Two water turtles climb the bank

Great blue heron stands in shade

Dragonflies luminescent blue

Swoop low over jasmine and plumeria

Lizard scoots along the screen

Wind rustles palm leaves

Mockingbird perches on porch rails

Great egret traces boundaries

Wings flap a resting heartbeat

Paper wasp flits under eaves

Nature respects silence

Lorraine A. Vail is Chair and co-founder of ArtPoems , a multi-media collaboration of 12 artists and 12 poets who create 24 new works which was produced on stage at BIG Arts on February 24, 2012. She is the author of Paradise Found and Fire in the Grass, poetry collections which may be purchased online at Amazon.com and in local bookstores.


Siren cries and Jet Ski flies across the lake

Two waterslides line the bank

Great blue neon shines in shade

Jumbo jet glides luminescent blue

Swoops low over Miami and Jacksonville

Violence scoots along the street

Homeless hustle drug needs

Locked in absurd searches for money trails

Great regret faces boundaries

Fraud’s flak testing death’s cheat

Paper mask splits under siege

No one expects solace