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Man accused of threatening to bomb bagel store

By Staff | Feb 23, 2012

A Cape Coral man is facing several charges after he allegedly threatened to beat up a local business owner and blow up his bagel shop with a bomb.

James Gregory Fallacara, 45, of 3709 S.W. Seventh Ave., was arrested and charged Sunday with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill, threat to bomb threaten to discharge destructive device and improper exhibit firearm or dangerous weapon.

He also was charged with resist officer with violence and battery on officer firefighter EMT, according to booking records from the Lee County Jail.

As of Thursday, Fallacara had been released on $15,000 bond.

According to an arrest report, Cape police responded to Stuff a Bagel, at 3310 Del Prado Blvd. S. The owner said a man in the drive-thru threatened him with a red baton, then called and said he would blow up the bagel shop.

He said the man placed an order and was using profanity. There was a line and the man became irate, cursing at the person at the take-out window. The owner exited the shop, walked to the man’s vehicle and asked him to leave.

The owner said the man pulled out the baton or metal pipe, asked him if he wanted “some of this” and tried to swing the weapon at him. The man then drove off, later calling the business multiple times to threaten the owner.

The man reportedly stated that he would come back with his buddies and blow up the business with a bomb – that it would be closed after today.

While officers were at the shop, the man called again. Police tracked the telephone number to Fallacara’s residence and tried to contact him.

Over the phone, Fallacara told police that he was angry because “they always toast his bagel and he didn’t want them to do that,” the report states.

The owner positively identified Fallacara as the man in the drive-thru.

Officers went to Fallacara’s home, where he was taken into custody.

According to the report, Fallacara told police that he was not happy with the service at the bagel shop, even though he goes there every Sunday because he likes their bagels. He was asked to wait and then a man approached him.

Fallacara said the man asked him what his problem is and he stated, “You guys mess up my bagel all the time. It’s toasted when I don’t want toasted and not toasted when I want toasted.” The man asked why he comes then.

Fallacara then left. He reportedly admitted to calling the business multiple times, but said he never threatened anyone with a bomb, the report states.

He has a court appearance scheduled for March 19.