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‘Ice, Ice Baby’

By Staff | Feb 14, 2012

He rocked down the walls of Cape Coral a few years back and he’s returning in just a couple of weeks to keep the party alive. You may remember him for his late-1980s single “Ice, Ice Baby,” or his many more-recent appearances on VH1’s reality show “The Surreal Life” and his own “Vanilla Ice Project” on the DIY Network. Vanilla Ice is one extremely talented individual, and he’ll be in town Sunday, Feb. 26, at the Dixie Roadhouse to prove it, with music kicking off at 7 p.m. from local rock fiends 10,000 Views, and the entire show ending around 10.

Rob Lyons, creator and coordinator of the upcoming event, who introduced the Bringing Back the Hair concert to Southwest Florida last year (featuring Warrant), and also responsible for Vanilla’s local show a few years back, explains why he made sure to book the rock/hip-hop superstar for yet another loud-and-local venue.

“He’s so, so fun,” the Cape Coral resident said. “He’s a great showman – and has so much fun up there. The crowd just loves him. It’s going to be a high-energy show with a lot of dancing – and probably shock – because he’s a lot different from when he first came out in the late ’80s.”

Don’t plan on just Vanilla Ice dancing around on stage with some background music. This man will claim the stage as his very own – complete with live drummer and turn-table-spinning DJ.

“This guy goes all-out – he gives an amazing live performance,” Rob said. “The Dixie Roadhouse is the perfect venue for him: great stage, great indoor hot spot. It’s going to an awesome, intense show.”

As mentioned earlier, the local rock fiends of 10,000 Views, consisting of Timmy Johnston, Patrick Naidl and drumming legend and Fort Myers Beach resident Stet Howland, will be opening Vanilla’s show, offering concert-goers good ‘ole fashioned hard rock prior to the rock/hip-hop artist’s performance. These boys know how to serve up some hot and heavy live music, offering some of the greatest rock covers anyone’s ever heard.

“10,000 Views is the perfect local band to open for Vanilla Ice,” the concert coordinator said.

He can’t promise a scheduled, organized meet-and-greet with the rock/hip-hop legend, but Rob said Vanilla Ice was hanging with the fans and crew all throughout the night during his last local show, so it’s very possible some fan pics for Facebook will be taken, and/or autographs signed with the superstar during the night.

“I can’t promise it, but last time, he was hanging out all night long, even walking on top of the bar with bottles of Jager at one point. It was a great night,” Rob said.

Tickets to the show are only $15 a piece, but better hurry: There are only 1,000 available.

“Last time, we sold only 50 in advance, but 7,000 at the door. This time, we won’t be able to get all of those people into the venue. So, it’s important you get your tickets ahead of time, to be sure you can get into the show,” Rob said.

Whatever tickets remaining will be available at the door that night, but who knows how fast they’ll sell out, so buy early!

This is a 21-and-up show. All information and ticket purchasing can be done at Lykel.com. They may also be purchased in advance at Dixie Roadhouse, 1023 S.E. 47th Terrace, Cape Coral.

Also in the works

Concert coordinator Rob Lyons has some other rock news boiling in the pot. He plans to host ’80s superstars Quiet Riot, Great White, Kip Winger and Skid Row Saturday, April 21, at Cape Coral’s German-American Club’s outdoor venue, during the Legends of Rock show, with local opening acts PUSH and Modern Superstar, along with Hear Kitty Kitty.

“We had such a great success with our last concert at the German-American Club (Warrant, Steelheart, Winger and Firehouse), it pretty much dictated that we’d be doing it again,” Rob said. “It’s a really great line-up, gates will open at 2 p.m., the show will start at 3 and go all night long. Budweiser will be there, hopefully Jager returns, it’s going to be really fun.”

Rob said he plans to mix it up a bit with future venues, perhaps getting some big country acts into the area, as well as groups from other genres of music.

All information for Rob’s upcoming shows can be found on Lykel Promotions’ website, Lykel.com.