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Cape Chorale again offers its popular ‘singing valentines’

By Staff | Jan 27, 2012

Looking for that perfect Valentine Day’s gift? Look no further, says Denny Bowers, the president of the Cape Chorale, a group of people who have been making music in the Cape for the past 20 years.

“We are offering a Singing Valentine by barbershop quartets from our group,” Bowers said.

And with the Singing Valentine, which is composed of two songs, a greetings card, a long-stem rose and a box of candy, the group will go anywhere to wherever your significant others or close friends are. It could be at work, at home, anywhere, Bowers said.

The Singing Valentine is one of three projects that the Cape Chorale puts on each year. Two others are musicals productions and Bowers said that once you have heard their barbershop singing, you will be as enchanted as he was some years ago when he was at a party when a barbershop quartet was called upon by a woman for her husband.

This year, singers in tuxedos are ready to take off and perform for as many people as possible.

Valentine’s Day is on Feb. 14, a Tuesday, and it is probably the most requested day. But Bowers say they will be providing Singing Valentines on Feb. 12 and Feb. 13 as well.

You can send a singing barbershop quartet to anyone, including friends and co-workers.

“We will go to their workplace, home, restaurant or wherever we may find your special someone and serenade them with two love songs, red rose, and a box of candy,” Bowers said.

He called it a perfect gift for your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, mom, dad, doctor, dentist or anyone you just want to say “Thank You” to in a special way on a very special day.

Bowers said those who want to send Singing Valentines should not wait because the holiday and the two days prior are but three weeks away.

You can order a Singing Valentine by calling toll-free at 855-425-3631. Or Bowers said you can go online at: www.capechorale.org. You will find a lot of information about the group and the shows they perform. You can also buy a Singing Valentine through the website by using a debit or credit card.

The price for a Singing Valentine is $50, not a bad price for such a priceless gift to show your care for someone special in your life, Bowers said. He noted that both wives and husbands and other members of the family are invited to buy a Singing Valentine.

A portion of the proceeds will go to Lee Memorial Pediatric Speech Therapy, Lee Memorial Health Systems.

“Over the years we have been able to give $30,000 to them, and it really helps children with problems such as hearing difficulties.

“Our Singing Valentine project is like a best-kept secret in the area. Once someone has heard a barbershop group sing to them, it is something they will never forget; it’s a cherished memory,” Bowers said.

The barbershop quartet will travel to almost anywhere locally such as Cape Coral, Pine Island, Fort Myers and North Fort Myers.

You can call them for rates of other areas such as Lehigh Acres, too,” he said.

Once, Bowers said, they had a request from Naples.

“We sent a barbershop quartet down there and they loved it,” he said.

“We guarantee to please. Delivery is available on the 12th, 13th and 14th and delivery time slots for the 14th go quickly, so call soon,” Bowers advises.