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Couple wants to help pay for city manager applicants’ reception

By Staff | Jan 24, 2012

When the Cape City Council met this week, it was in for a pleasant surprise. Shortly after the pledge of allegiance, a man and his wife, sitting on the front row at Council Chambers, told members they wanted to make a gift of $100 to go toward a reception for city manager applicants in March.

Councilmember Derrick Donnell thanked the couple for their interest in doing something for the city.

“This is our personal gift, and we hope it saves the city a little money for refreshments,” said Robert Renshaw.

Later Renshaw’s wife, Mary Ann, said they came from a small town in New Jersey and wanted to do something for the local council.

“We want to get people together so they all have a chance to talk to the candidates and get to know each other,” she said. “We want to make it seem neighborly for everyone.”

Renshaw is no stranger to city politics.

“I was a former mayor for 10 years in Riverside, N.J., and spent about 20 years in public life. Riverside is in the middle part of New Jersey, not far from Mapleshade.”

Then he said they may increase their gift to $200 for the event.

“We’re talking about snack foods and refreshment. It can’t cost that much,” Mary Ann Renshaw said.

Both said they have been coming to council meetings and it seems to them that the new council is doing a good job.

The council is searching for a new city manager. At a point in March after applicants have been screened, they will be invited to City Hall for a chance to meet the people of of Cape Coral who will be invited to attend.