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Troupers Tale of Survival

By Staff | Jan 19, 2012

Sanibel author Karen Richards enjoys a moment with Trouper, a blind raccoon that is the subject of a recent book by Kyle Miller, while visiting the Island Book Nook. Trouper was just a baby when, in North Carolina, a golfer was seen repeatedly striking at what was first believed to be a golf ball that had landed in the tall grass beside the rough. A man, watching this from his home, decided to check out the situation and discovered a beaten 2-month-old raccoon. Though bleeding and convulsing, the man scooped up the animal and phoned a women he knew as someone who worked to rehabilitate sick and injured animals Dot Lee, a former Florida resident. Trouper’s story could have ended there, but new chapters are being written. Miller, the Sanibel author who wrote about the Snowy Plover named ?nowy Peaand chum, Ghosty the ghost crab, decided to write about Trouper in her latest book ?rouper: The True Adventures of a Blind Raccoon.To learn more about Trouper, visit his web site at www.trouperraccoon.com or send an email to trouperlee2011@aol.com.