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A Legacy of Achievement

By Staff | Jan 12, 2012

Commissioner Mike Mullins announced at the December Captiva Erosion Prevention District board meeting that he wished to take on a different role with CEPD and so ended his tenure as the board’s chairman a position he assumed in January 2009.

During the three years Mullins chaired the board, his vision, inspiration, and hard work have brough a more systematic, formal and organized approach to running the District, encouraging standard operating procedures, strategic planning, greater use of technology, a more professional work environment and outsourcing of services.

His financial management skills have enabled the CEPD to build up its Captiva Project Fund (for beach nourishment) by almost $500,000. During his watch, parking revenues from Hagerup Beach Park parking lot increased by 70 percent, financial audits have been exemplary, and past projects have been successfully closed out without penalties or major paybacks.

Mullins championed the cause of transforming CEPD into a more transparent organization, encouraging community outreach and education, working cooperatively with the City of Sanibel, and raising a level of awareness about beach nourishment on Captiva with Lee County officials. He also spearheaded local opposition to offshore drilling.

Kathy Rooker, administrator of CEPD, said, “Mike has worked effectively and tirelessly as the chairman during the last three years.”

At commissioner Mullin’s urging, the referendum for the next Captiva beach nourishment project was held a y ear earlier than scheduled and the Captiva voters overwhelmingly approved it. Mullin’s foresight in this area paid off because of the early referendum, CEPD was able to jump at the opportunity offered lat last year by the Army Corps of Engineers for an accelerated project schedule, leaving CEPD well positioned for it next beach nourishment project.

“We are honored and grateful that Mike has chosen to expend so much energy and attention to the needs and rights of Captiva residents,” said Doris Holzheimer, vice chair of CEPD.

The CEPD board, staff and Captiva residents thank Mullins for “a job well done.”