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Fund-raiser for My Father’s House Foundation Jan. 28 in Cape Coral

By Staff | Dec 31, 2011

A fund-raiser for My Father’s House Foundation, a non-profit organization, will be held to raise the remaining money needed to ship a container of supplies to Uganda.

Fran Ostrander, a Bokeelia resident, first found out about the foundation when Father Remy paid a visit to her house when her mother was ill. She said she asked what she could do to repay him and he said to make a donation to the foundation, which turned into much more as time went by.

Ostrander had the opportunity to witness first-hand how the foundation helps those who live in Uganda, thanks to a two-week trip she took in July. She said the trip was absolutely phenomenal.

When the group first arrived, Ostrander said the residents had a precession set up. She said when they got out of the vehicle they shook each of the 110 children’s hands.

While she was there she had the opportunity to witness a graduation for seven out of 45 students. Ostrander said each graduate received a sewing machine because they could make a living out of making things for others.

She said the expression of gratitude and excitement on the girls’ faces will stay with her forever.

Her visit to the village taught her how differently people live compared to the United States.

“You don’t waste anything while you are there,” Ostrander said. “Everything is used twice.”

The village now has four buildings, which includes classrooms, since the foundation began. She said they now have teachers who are educating the people to help themselves. It also has a maze mill, tilapia pond and a farm to help the residents of the village support themselves.

The foundation is $2,000 short in having enough money to send a container full of clothing, medical and mechanical supplies and shoes to the village in Uganda.

The fund-raiser will be held Saturday, Jan. 28, from 6-11 p.m. at the Cape Coral Yacht Club. Tickets, which should be purchased ahead of time, are $15 per person. The night of activities will include dinner, dancing, raffles and karaoke.

Ostrander is recommending that people purchase their tickets in advance so they have an idea of how much food to prepare.

Call Ostrander at 239-283-2667 to purchase tickets or for more information.