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CCCIA to focus on education

By Staff | Dec 31, 2011

The Cape Coral Construction Industry wants to focus on education as one of its core missions in 2012.

Part of that effort will include “Technology Lunches,”which will deal with specific technology topics once a month throughout the year.

Executive Director Heather Mazurkiewicz said the board wanted to make sure their members had all the necessary tools to keep up with the ever-changing world of modern technological advances.

“Technology has come so far, especially in the construction industry, that we thought it would be an added benefit for our members by offering this kind of training,” she said.

All the lunches will be held at the CCCIA offices the third Thursday of each month. They will be conducted in partnership with B2 Solutions and Internet Services Group of Florida.

January will focus on mobile devices; February is Outlook and Messaging Functionality; March is Windows Tips and Trends, April is Social Networking; May will focus on website functionality; June is Hardwire or Wireless, which would work best for your business; July is Excel and Spreadsheets; August is Cloud Computing; September will make your IT guy work for you; October is software integration; November is online safety and data security; and finally, December will focus on software upgrades.

“There isn’t one lunch that’s more important that another,” Mazurkiewicz said. “Different aspects of each one will be important to people in different sections of the industry.”

“We tried to come up with some topics we thought would be general enough but touch on specific aspects,” she added.

The technology lunches are free and open to all members of the Cape Coral Construction Industry.

They are limited to 15 people and lunch will not be provided. Mazurkiewicz said to “brown bag it.”

For more information, contact the CCCIA office at 772-0027.