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For Your Reading Pleasure

By Staff | Dec 30, 2011

(Front Row: L to R) Nancy Carlile, Don Brown, Martha Jeffers, Carol Drummond. (Middle Row: L to R) Jane Hogg, Vivian Pyke, Bev Forslund, Joyce Rand, Duke Barron, Tanya Hochschild, Vincent Faraone, Sandra Grego. (Back Row: L to R) Bob Maxeiner, Sid Simon, Karl Rodman, Eileen Metz, Joe Pacheco, Dawn Schumann, Lorraine Vail, Ray Buck (Photo by Bill Schiller)

The Sanibel-Captiva Review, Volume 5, has been published and is now available for purchase at locations throughout Sanibel and Captiva.

The book features works by a wide array of Sanibel, Captiva and Southwest Florida artists and writers; and traditionally helps promote local arts by providing a window into the magic and natural beauty reflected in our region.

This year’s volume is dedicated to the late Sanibel native Sam Bailey as well as the former Vice President of the Review’s Board of Directors, Joseph “Little Joe” Micale, who died following injuries in a car collision that occurred this past November.. One of the stories in the book was contributed by Little Joe.

The Reviews are available in local supermarkets, bookstores, and other island stores. Review Board President John F. Jones says the writers are likely to be neighbors, friends or acquaintances of local residents.

At least eight of the Review contributors were among the performers who spoke during the recent Winter Reading of Island Writers staged at Big Arts on Sanibel.

The new edition of Sanibel Captiva Review featuring works from local artists and writers is available in area stores.

In a request for readers’ indulgence, the following seems to be the most proper way to account of the poems and stories shared that evening:

They gathered in Phillips Hall at Big Arts to adhere to literary creed,

That writers never just write; they also endeavor to read.

Their stories and poems were shared to the audience delight

Making it a most exceptional and novel of nights.

Bob Maxeiner started all with adaptation of Paper Dolls

But lyrics of his particular creation and unrelenting inspiration,

Bemoaning certain realties of life and monetary inflation.

Next, Joe Pachecho, who must know he will never be forgot,

Considering all the lessons his poetry has taught

With wit so quick and a delivery so slick,

Informing that guy downstairs may not really be St. Nick.

Dawn Schumann got the giggles when sharing her tantalizing text

Which was so interestingly titled, The Joy of Sex.

And her husband in the crowd; his honesty so admired…

He informed that the story wasn’t something he inspired.

Vince Faraone spoke of leaves, so colorfully adorning, but

With certain sadness and forlorning in every breath

Recounting the lingering loss in life’s little deaths.

Duke Barron shared a tale in a style most upbeat

Accounting of the actions of a gang that came from Oak Street

Whose dealings with a dead bird were characterized as shady,

Compelled by instructions from a nasty Dragon Lady.

Tanya Hochschild spoke of joy one feels upon returning home,

She said there was no greater relief for certain roaming gnomes.

She also shared a poem expressing appreciation in its rhymin’

Dedicated to the music sensation known as Paul Simon.

And thankfully, her message never hit a dread kerplunkle…

She made no mention of that Art Garfunkle.

Sid Simon told of a grandpa with a special package to post

For a new grandson that was born on some distant coast,

And the gift he did send for a Bar Mitzvah yet to begin,

The gift was of books, and not one, but two fountain pens.

Lorraine Vail told a tale about a picture that fell,

Suggesting a grandmother’s image, from even a fallen frame,

Can awaken something within, that will always remain.

Bev Forslund’s poem helped cheer all the ladies born in 1941

Celebrating all the major things in life, they had so dearly done.

Nancy Carlisle garnered smiles for a passage that wasn’t lean…

She said stomachs sometimes grow faster than television screens.

Don Brown spoke of love and Eileen Metz told of flowers,

Karl Rodman did a play on words which included political powers.

And there were others whose words continue to resonate,

Indicating writers of our area are truly first rate.

Carol Drummond was the final author who took to the stage…

She reminded with each December, there comes a new page…

The evening ended with gratitude for the words they read so well…

In the winter offering of writers from the island of Sanibel.

-Bill Schiller