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Bicyclist remains in hospital following weekend accident

By Staff | Dec 29, 2011

A bicyclist remained hospitalized Thursday after reportedly riding into the path of a vehicle driven by a Cape Coral resident over the weekend.

James Bonner, 75, of LaBelle, was in critical condition at Lee Memorial Hospital. He was transported to the facility Saturday evening after he was struck by a 2005 Toyota Tundra near state Route 80 and Florida Street.

The Tundra was being driven by Todd Michael Lackey, 39, of the Cape.

According to a report from the Florida Highway Patrol, the Tundra was traveling west on SR 80 in the inside lane. Bonner was riding a bicycle in the center lane when he entered the inside lane, into the path of the Tundra.

Lackey took evasive action and steered right, but was unable to avoid a collision. FHP reported the front left side of the Tundra struck the bicycle. Bonner was thrown from the bicycle – a Huffy – and landed on the road.

He was transported to Lee Memorial Hospital in critical condition.

According to the FHP, the bicycle was not equipped with the front and rear lamps that are required to operated a bicycle on roadways after sunset.

There were three others in the Tundra at the time of the accident: Jean Lackey, 39; Campbell Lynn Lackey, 10; and Carson Lee Lackey, 7. Neither they, nor Todd Michael Lackey, were injured in the crash, the report said.