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Cape resident celebrates 105th birthday

By Staff | Dec 28, 2011

Alice Mae Brown had a big smile on her face as she watched pink balloon bunnies hop around Sal’s Pizzeria Wednesday. After all, it’s not a birthday party without balloon animals, especially when you’re turning 105.

Brown was celebrating the milestone surrounded by friends, cameras, food and, of course, balloon animals, courtesy of a clown named Twinkle Toes.

She received congratulations and hugs, but it was Twinkle Toes’ balloon creations that kept the party going.

“This is awesome. I want to be 150,” said Twinkle Toes (portrayed by Adriana Gomez), who provided the entertainment. “That way you can bring more happiness to people.”

Brown has been a Cape Coral resident for 38 years.

In her nearly four decades of Cape Coral life, she’s made a plethora of close friends, who praised the centenarian for her verve and upbeat lifestyle.

“She’s a special person,” said Blanche Gentile, Brown’s neighbor. “She’s got lots of joy of life and she just loves people.”

Gentile said Brown drove and even bowled until she was 97. She accredited it to good genes and the thrill of being alive.

“It’s just a love for life. She sure has a lot of that,” Gentile added.

Ron Rubar helps Brown around the house with odd jobs, but he said she insists on taking care of many of her own needs, including doing her own laundry and dishes.

Rubar said he didn’t doubt that given the opportunity, Brown would saddle up on a Harley and ride.

“If I had a side car and a bike, I guarantee she would ride in it,” he joked.

A close friend of Brown’s who wanted to be identified only as “Susie D,” said she wouldn’t be surprised to be sitting in Sal’s Pizzeria next year celebrating her 106th year on earth.

Brown only knew she was going to lunch at Sal’s, but had no idea a surprise party lay in wait.

“She just thought we were coming for lunch at Sal’s,” Susie D said.