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Staple Has New Stint with Hillgate

By Staff | Dec 23, 2011

Stacie Staple is new hire of Hillgate Communications

Staples are typically used to connect all manner of documents and materials together; so much so, it may be difficult to imagine the efficient running of a commercial enterprise without the service wrought from staples. One Sanibel business is now using a “Staple” to connect their clients with marketing, public relation and communication services, but in this instance, the Staple has actual personality, and a pretty nice smile too.

Meet Stacie Staple; a new hire of Hillgate Communications on Sanibel Island.

Stacie was recently recruited by Hillgate’s Business Development Director Blanaid Colley.

Hillgate is a full service communications and marketing support agency that has worked on a variety of local initiatives as well as international icons of industry throughout the course of its 25 years in business.

That work, as Colley affirms, demands expertise from “fresh, creative minds.”

So when tasked to find someone who could function in the caliber of competence their firm depends (and demands), Colley began making inquiries at Florida Gulf Coast University, where, indeed she found a fresh and creative mind in Stacie (who was aided by certain Professor recommendations too).

Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Stacie and her husband previously worked in real estate. She revised career plans after relocating to Fort Myers several years ago, ultimately deciding to pursue studies in marketing and communications. She has served as a faculty assistant, but has a done a range of other things too, from assisting in event staging with endeavors like Miami Restaurants & Events to serving as an intern on the local FOX affiliate’s “Morning Blend” broadcast.

At Hillgate, Stacie will be channeling her talent and energies in support of the Chamber of Commerce, Traditions Restaurant, and website development for other customers.

Stacie says she is very excited for the opportunity, not only in terms of working at Hillgate, but working in Sanibel.

Making a comparison between Sanibel and Mayberry (the small community made famous on the Andy Griffith Show), Stacie says, “I feel like I am in that town. Everyone is so nice and seems to actually know each other. I never realized places like this actually existed.”