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Suckers for Golf

By Staff | Dec 14, 2011

The week with Beachview Golf Club began with a nice get together on Tuesday with the Beachview Ladies Golf Group, complemented by a cocktail party at the Beachview Bistro. It was a very festive occasion and attemded by 80 men and women, all golfers and their spouses.

On Saturday, December 10th, after the usual introduction and lawyer’s joke by President Jay Allen, the Men’s Group played a unique game called “Sucker in the Bucket”. It’s fun because you actually get to play real golf, but only the scoring is different to determine winners. In this game, each player in the foursome hits only his own ball and his gross and net score is recorded. On the first hole, the lowest net score is the team score. On the second hole, only the best score of the remaining three players can be recorded as the team score. Then it is down to the best of two players for the team score and finally there is only one player left on the fourth hole, and he becomes the “Sucker in the Bucket” as his net score must be used. Then, the game starts over on the fourth hole and so on for l8 holes. It takes a combination of strategy and luck to get a good team score (mostly luck).

The foursome of Helmut Peters, Jay Allen, Al Krause and Bob Richlin were the winners with a net score of 56, thanks in part to Bob’s career best gross score of 82. There was a tie for second and third and a scorecard playoff determined that Craig Albert, Jeff Burns, Dave Bugby and Rene Lohser came in second (with a net birdie on 18 being the determining factor). The Threesome of Fred Zimmer, Dave Smith and Jack Tukey took third place. We would explain how the scoring works when there are only three playing, but space does not permit a full explanation!