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Shell Shocked: How to Avoid Getting Lost on Sanibel

By Staff | Dec 14, 2011

Did you ever ask yourself what was your most memorable moment on Sanibel?

I remember the time I got lost yes, lost. It was my first time on Sanibel and we were staying at a very small condominium unit facing the beach. Without bothering to study the building’s architecture to serve as a landmark, I decided to go for a long walk along the beach.

Giving in to the famous Sanibel stoop, I casually wandered along studying the various sizes and shapes of shells. Every so often some sunbathers would point to the gulf and I’d witness a squadron of dolphins perfecting their diving routine.

I must have walked for about forty-five minutes and decided it was time to get back. The sun was at its noon time zenith and my growling stomach told me my wife would have a sandwich ready for me. Maybe a quick swim in the luxurious pool before lunch and afterwards a nice nappy poo.

I walked for what seemed like forty-five to fifty minutes when a horrible thought struck me. I had no idea what the condo units looked like. But I was sure I had taken the same amount of time walking back as I had taken to start my walk. Shouldn’t I be near the condo by now? No need to panic, I thought. Just ask someone.

“Excuse me,I started to say to a passing beach person. Can you tell me where.” That’s when the second horrible thought struck me. What is the name of that darned condo unit?”

“Yes, sir. Can I help you,” the beach person asked.

I began to stammer. “This is rather awkward. My first time here and all that. It seems I’m trying to find the condo building I’m staying in. I guess I didn’t bother to study what it looks like from the beach.”

“No problem, my good man. Simply tell me its name and I’ll point you in the right direction.”

The perspiration forming on my forehead wasn’t only from the sun.

“That’s the problem”,I said. “I can’t seem to remember its name. To tell you the truth, they all sound alike. It’s something like Sanibel Arms or Sonesta Sunrise or is it Sanibel by the Sea?”

The beach person was compassionate, to say the least. “There, there now. Try to concentrate. Is it the “Sanibel Beach Haven Maybe the “Surf Sanibel Or the “Sanibel Surf”

I tried to concentrate. “Is it the Sanibel Sunrise No, no, I’ve got it. It’s the “Siesta Sanibel.’ No, that’s not it. The “Century Sanibel”

As I became reduced to muttering Sanibel alliterations, the beach person stared at me. “You’re quite right,” he said. “You are lost.” And he wandered off.

For the next ten hours I meandered back and forth along the beach attempting to find a single tell tale sign that would identify my habitat.

When they found me around midnight sitting by the Sanibel lighthouse, I could be heard murmuring, “or is it the Sunrise Siesta No, the Sanibel Sandsor was it the Sanibel Sandpiper The Sandman………..”