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Elves serve area business, and Sanibel too

By Staff | Dec 14, 2011

Captain Diane Meyers with Bailey, a Sanibel Elf who prefers travel over toy-making.

Everyone has heard the stories involving certain elves who reportedly toil in the making of toys which, in turn, are delivered by a jolly, rotund and red-suited man with a tendency to tone in terms of Ho, Ho, Ho. His elves, it is said, conduct their work with little fanfare in some remote, unchartered corner of the North Pole, but if speaking to the employees at Pfeifer Realty Group on Sanibel, one will hear another story. According to Kim Alexander, the upstairs section of the Pfeifer office complex serves “as Santa’s southern workshop.”

That’s why anyone who drives past their office at 1630 Periwinkle Way will spot a number of elves, which include a Perri, and a Winkle, and another named Shelly that sits on a swing.

These elves were inspired to life through the creative and crafty processes of firm owner Mary Ellen Pfeifer, but rather than focus on that, Alexander makes reference to a certain “mischief maker” among the elves named “Bailey.”

When asked why Bailey is so dubiously regarded, Alexander asserts, “He’s not doing his work… instead of building toys, he’s out having fun.”

And the firm has the evidence to prove it. That includes pictures of Bailey at the Sanibel Beach, gorging his little elven tummy on gourmet meals at local restaurants, or riding around Peter Fonda-style upon motorcycles on area roads. In true cavalier capacity, images of his exploits have been posted on the Sanibel Elves’ pages of Face Book, where he has collected more than 600 friends.

An elf observed along Periwinkle Way near the offices of Pfeifer Realty Group in Sanibel.

Passengers among several airports, including Fort Myers, Orlando and Dallas/Fort Worth recently met Bailey as he flew across the country with Southwest Airline Pilot Captain Diane Meyers.

She enjoyed the encounter, saying, “Having an overactive Elf in the cockpit was great fun… Bailey pointed out chimneys that were challenges for Santa, left sticky finger prints everywhere and after 4 flights, finally figured out that the cockpit lights did not work like his Light Bright toy.”

Bailey reportedly earned his wings as he joined several students for Southwest Airlines Adopt-A- Pilot Program, an initiative that sends Southwest Airlines Pilots into fifth grade classrooms to lecture on aviation- related topics including math, science & geography. The mentorship program focuses students on the importance of staying in school and F.L.I.G.H.T. values (Fearlessness, Leadership, Imagination, Gratitude, Honesty,& Tenacity).

As elfish activities go, Bailey seems determined to become as recognizable as certain traveling gnomes, but in so doing, is letting everyone know that he comes from Sanibel… no guesses either as to who he recommends for real estate advice.