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Three consecutive crashes led to bridge tie-up Monday

By Staff | Dec 6, 2011

Three separate crashes in the eastbound lanes of the Midpoint Bridge sent four people to the hospital and tied up rush-hour traffic Monday morning.

The first crash occurred after a Fort Myers police officer stopped to assist a motorist with the disabled vehicle. Two of three pickup trucks slowed for the officer and the disabled vehicle, but a third did not, resulting in one truck to striking another “accordion fashion,” officials said.

A chain reaction then occurred just yards behind the first crash, this one involving six vehicles.

A motorcyclist then collided into the second crash site.

One person suffered non-life threatening injuries in the first crash and was transported to an area hospital.

An adult and child, each of whom also suffered injuries described as non-life threatening, were also transported as was the motorcyclist, who police said suffered broken bones.

The names of those involved were not available.

The investigation is continuing and more information is expected to be released this afternoon, Tuesday.

Source: Fort Myers Police Department