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Welcome Back Sanibel

By Staff | Dec 3, 2011

Sanibel Community Association Members gather and welcome back all returning residents to Sanibel's Community House.

Anyone driving down Periwinkle can affirm that in recent weeks, traffic has picked-up and license plates, referencing destinations in Canada, Michigan, Ohio, not to mention, other areas of Florida represent the tell-tale signs that seasonal residents are returning to their respective roosts in Sanibel.

“It’s that time of the year,” says Sanibel Chamber of Commerce President Ric Base. Noting the influx of visitors to The Chamber’s Visitor’s Information Center, Base says, “Snowbirds are heading back, and we’re getting a lot of holiday season tourists too, so it’s like a double whammy, but kind of exciting. We’re glad to see that busy Florida traffic.”

While The Chamber and all the businesses it represents look forward to return of the community’s seasonal guests, so too the variety of community organizations.

Among them, The Sanibel Community Association which is hosting “Welcome Back Sanibel” – an event that combines community potluck supper with BINGO and fellowship all serving to launch SCA’s membership drive.

Yvonne St. Clair, SCA Secretary, says the event is a prelude to Christmas and New Year celebrations scheduled at Sanibel’s Community House, which she describes as “the place to be.”

Calling it something of a cross between a local museum, recreation center and meeting place, The Community House was built in 1927 and offers kitchen facilities and room to stage a variety of events, in fact, it has accommodated so many organization that St. Clair calls it “Everybody’s house.”

When joining The Community Association, members, in turn, have an opportunity to host events or attend events at reduced rates, something St. Clair offers as a sweet incentive.

Welcome Back Sanibel will additionally indulge the sweet tooth with a planned “best dessert” contest, the SCA is currently planning other activities that will appeal to those who delight in dancing.

The SCA’s major fundraiser for the year, Dancing with the Stars, commences on January 28, but tickets go on sale as early as December 5.

This year’s line-up of local dancers include former Bubble Room Owner & Creator Katie Gardenia, Dr. Edward Lamotta, Phaidra McDermott, Doc Ford’s Manager Raynauld Bently, Nicole McHale and Shara Weaver; who have each been paired with instructors from Fred Astaire Dance Studios.

Dancers will be judged not only for their fancy footwork, but also their finesse at raising funds that benefit The Community House.

For additional information on Welcome Back Sanibel or Dancing with the Stars, phone 239-472-2155 or visit The Sanibel Community Association Online at www.sanibelcommunityhouse.net