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New to Islander Center

By Staff | Dec 3, 2011

Sanibel’s Islander Center, a property currently made home by operations that include The GreenHouse Grill, Macintosh Books, Cape Nails and Concierge Physicians, has been purchased by Periwinkle Partners.

Attorney Charles Phoenix, a principal in the partnership, says the acquisition will lead to the opening of a new headquarters for his family law practice.

Rental agreements, he reports, have been established with a new tenant in Hayes Laboratory, a firm specializing in clinical lab analysis.

Phoenix indicates some design renovations will take place at the center, essentially allowing for a West Indies style look that plays off the color scheme of awnings at Macintosh Books.

Additionally, he reports that Islander Center will be complemented with hi-tech elements which provide for such services as video conferencing.

As renovations are underway within some of the units at Islander Center, Chuck Phoenix says he and firm staff are looking forward to relocating to new headquarters and are especially glad that it will in Sanibel.