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Coffee Bar helps Heart Association

By Staff | Dec 3, 2011

Renee Cutaia prepares a check for the Coffee Bar’s donation to the American Heart Association through their annual Heart Drive.

The Coffee Bar @ Bailey’s participating in the Heart Drive for the American Heart Association this November, and at the end of the drive has raised $300. The Coffee Bar has been “painted” red with hearts, representing each donation made. This is the second year the Coffee Bar has participated in the Heart Drive.

Patrons of the Coffee Bar were asked to donate $1 to the Heart Drive, and many responded. Some supporters generously contributed $10 to $20 in one visit alone. It made $300 very easy to hit in one week.

The money raised will go to heart and stroke research and to supply the Fort Myers Police Department officers with life saving, automated external defibrillator devices (AEDs).

The Heart Drive ran for 1 week in November, and was inspired by 16 year old Stroke survivor, Megan Lucker. After a stroke in 2008, she’s returned to a full healthy teenager, and is now raising money and awareness for a cause that many are not so lucky to survive. “We figured that since we’re healthy, it’s our responsibility to help raise money and awareness,” Lucker said.

The Coffee Bar @Bailey’s also participates in the MDA Shamrock drive each March, and pledges to continue to be a part of the Heart Drive in the upcoming years.