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Something old, something new

By Staff | Nov 29, 2011

Nichael Pistella New owners Magdalena Tengroth-Dyberg and Stewart Gallagher.

The Del Prado Inn has new owners and big time plans in the works. But as those renovations and plans begin to take shape, new owner Magdalena Tengroth-Dyberg said one thing will remain the same: the Paradise Tiki Bar.

A long-time favorite, the Tiki Bar has re-opened after a brief closing. All the staff is the same, Tengroth-Dyberg said, and band The Del Prado’s are still performing live for everyone’s entertainment on Sundays.

“We decided we’re keeping the Tiki Bar exactly the same,” she said. “There are rumors we were changing it and that’s not true. This place is open for everybody.”

Tengroth-Dyberg and her husband, Stewart Gallagher, had their eye on the property for some time and when it became available, they decided it was the perfect time to invest in the property and the community.

Although the Tiki Bar will remain the same, the couple plans on installing a full-service restaurant that offers breakfast and dinner.

The restaurant will feature steak and seafood and the indoor piano bar, which they plan to call Manatee Zone, should be completed and open within two months, Tengroth-Dyberg said.

“We felt one of things missing around here was a good seafood and steak restaurant that was consistent,” she added.

Plans are also in the works to clean out and upgrade the interior and the exterior of the hotel facility itself.

Tengroth-Dyberg hoped the renovated facility would attract people looking to have parties and family reunions. The hotel also features a banquet facility that’s receiving an upgrade.

“Its nice if you can have everything at one facility,” she said.

They plan on hiring Cape Coral residents to work in all phases of the hotel.

Tengroth-Dyberg said both she and her husband have a passion for their adopted home of Cape Coral.

“We’re trying to improve where we moved to,” she said. “We bought a lot of properties in Cape Coral and everyone that works for us is from the Cape. We’re trying to improve Cape Coral.”