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Cape SWAT performs at international competition

By Staff | Nov 15, 2011

The Cape Coral Police Department participated in the 29th Annual SWAT Roundup International from Nov. 6-11 in Orlando.

According to event organizers, the competition has evolved into an international showcase for special operations teams from across the United States and Europe. It involves 59 teams from all over the world, including the United States, Russia, Hungary, Germany, Sweden, Bosnia and Kuwait.

The Cape team competed against the best in the world, and even with their part-time status, they managed to stay competitive with full-time and international teams, police officials reported.

Cape finished 24th overall, with mere seconds separating many teams.

“This achievement is due to our Cape Coral SWAT operators putting full effort, fortitude and determination, as well as training on their own time for this and all competitions put before them,” Sgt. Carlos Mena, the Cape’s

SWAT team leader, said in a prepared statement released Tuesday.

“I would like to give special recognition to all members of the Cape Coral SWAT team for their efforts during the past year, making them one of the best teams in our state,” he continued.

“Our guys put in many hours of their own time in preparing for this year’s competition and their efforts paid off,” Capt. Mike Torregrossa, the Cape’s SWAT team commander, said in the prepared statement.

“This was a great job by all, not only to those who competed, but also those who provided logistical support as well,” he continued.

Source: Cape Coral Police Department