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Carioscia beats Brandt

By Staff | Nov 9, 2011

MICHAEL PISTELLA John Carioscia is greeted by former Cape Coral City Councilmember Dolores Bertolini Tuesday night. Carioscia beat incumbent Pete Brandt for the District 2 seat.

Incumbent Pete Brandt was bounced from his District 2 seat on Tuesday night by challenger John Carioscia, who garnered nearly 57 percent of the total vote.

Carioscia pulled 9,202 votes, for 56.90 percent of the total vote; while Brandt garnered 6,971 votes for 43.10 percent.

Carioscia was also victorious in absentee and early voting numbers.

Brandt, who announced his bid to seek re-election earlier this year on the lawn outside of city council chambers, could not be reached for comment on Tuesday night.

Meanwhile, Carioscia and a throng of supporters were celebrating the victory at Wine and Roses on Cape Coral Parkway.

Carioscia said the city had suffered enough under the previous regime and it was time to start anew.

“This is a time for healing,” Carioscia added.

The former Chicago law enforcement professional campaigned on issues that included the Utilities Expansion Project, economic development and returning a sense of civility and openness to city government.

Work begins for the new councilman on Monday when he is sworn in along with Lenny Nesta in District 3, Rana Erbrick in District 5, and Incumbent Derrick Donnell in District 7.

Carioscia will be one of the new faces that will have to make immediate decisions that impact the future of the city, including a vote on an infill assessment for properties not connected but fronted by city utilities.

“I’ve got a lot of homework to do before Monday,” Carioscia said.

Carioscia was one of three candidates labeled as strictly a union supporter by opponents, who would serve only union members and drain the city of money.

But Carioscia said he was going to serve all the citizens of the city and work to restore trust, honesty and openness on the dais. Carioscia said he plans on bringing back respect to city council meetings and find ways for the city to save money while forging a new path for the future.

“And I’m going to be a good listener,” he added.

Brandt was one of four sitting council members who signed the “Contract with Cape Coral”, which promised, among other things, restoring trust in the city and reforming the former city administration.