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‘Mohawks for Meals’ to provide Thanksgiving dinners

By Staff | Nov 5, 2011

mohawks-sam-110511-mpMICHAEL PISTELLASam Weisbrod, 14, gets a mohawk haircut from Vogue Hair Studio’s Jenn Velez during Christian Life Fellowship middle school youth group’s ‘Mohawks for Meals’ fundraising effort for families in need at Trafalgar Middle School. Velez was sporting her own version of a mohawk in solidarity to the boys and many of their fathers who also got mohawks Friday night. The group will distribute Thanksgiving Day meals to the families Nov. 19 and Nov. 21. For more information about the group or the effort, call 283-2299 or visit clflife.com. MICHAEL PISTELLA

An idea of helping a neighborhood school this Thanksgiving blossomed after a youth pastor found out how many students are on free and reduced lunch at Trafalgar Middle School.

Of the 827 students enrolled at Trafalgar Middle, 361 students receive a free lunch and 92 students receive a reduced lunch.

“Their one meal a day is that free lunch meal at school,” Christian Life Fellowship Middle School Pastor Mike Fialka said about some of the students.

This year there are 43,204 students who receive free lunches district-wide and 6,745 who receive reduced-price lunches.

There are 83,602 students enrolled in the Lee County School District, according to a September student count.

Fialka said he wanted to adopt Trafalgar Middle School to help provide families with a nice Thanksgiving dinner through his fundraiser “Mohawks for Meals.”

A challenge was released to his kids, which consists of 50-60 middle school students who attend the weekly youth group, to see how many of them would be brave enough to get a mohawk haircut to raise money for the dinners.

He said it is a fun way to raise money while reaching the reality of the need.

Donations are being sought by individuals pledging money to see one of the youths or fathers with a mohawk, buying someone else a mohawk, or those who would rather not participate, but want to support the cause.

“There are people in the church that are just donating,” Fialka said.

The haircuts were donated by Vogue Hair Salon in Cape Coral Friday evening. Fialka said on Wednesday he reserved spots for 20 haircuts for both students and fathers.

Although the haircuts were done Friday, he said the fund raising will be ongoing for the turkey dinners.

Trafalgar Middle School Assistant Principal Dr. Mike Galbreath said they are very honored that Fialka chose their school to help this Thanksgiving.

“We are very thankful,” he said. “I am happy that he came to us. I really think that it is going to be a great benefit for our students and families … very generous for them to offer that for us.”

Galbreath said with the economy in the shape that it is, there is definitely a need at the school for further assistance.

Fialka plans on creating a Thanksgiving dinner to feed a family of five or more. That dinner will consist of a 15-pound turkey, green beans, corn, gravy, stuffing and potatoes.

A form was sent home with each student at Trafalgar Middle School to share information about the fund raiser Christian Life Fellowship will be doing for their school. Fialka said there is a place at the bottom of the form that the parent can tear off and send back with the students if they need assistance this Thanksgiving.

On Nov. 11, Fialka will know how many meals are needed to distribute to families due to the deadline of turning in the form.

On Nov. 19 families will have the opportunity to pick up their Thanksgiving meals between 1-5 p.m. and again on Nov. 21 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.