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Shell Shocked: Bring Back the Good Old Days of Graft and Corruption

By Staff | Oct 28, 2011

Don’t you miss those good old days when political graft and corruption were the order of the day? Don’t you miss the spectacle of elected officials who ran on the platform of honest, clean government being arrested in the middle of county commission meetings and led off in handcuffs? Isn’t this scene part of the American way?

Things are much too quiet on the political front these days. Politicians are much too honest. Government is too clean. The fun is gone. I say bring back the good old days.

Do you realize what kind of ripple effect there is when politicians aren’t being arrested by the carload? First of all it means that contractors have to compete honestly and legitimately. They can’t submit the highest prices anymore for a sewer project or a county road and miraculously get the business.

Politicians can’t be seen cavorting on yachts, or taking vacations in Hawaii, or wearing Rolex watches or driving Lincoln town cars anymore.

Have they forgotten how to take secret money? How to pretend those funds handed over as campaign contributions miraculously wind up in Swiss bank accounts?

I say the community is missing something if we can’t amuse ourselves with politicians on the take. If a healthy dose of graft and corruption are missing from the day’s news then they’ll be replaced by stories about kittens stuck in trees.

Is that what you want?