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Storybook Ball held at Patriot Elementary School

By Staff | Oct 24, 2011

Characters came to life Monday night at Patriot Elementary School during the first Storybook Ball as teachers and administrators dressed in full costume.

Once the student-led conferences ended, families piled into the cafeteria, which was transformed into a castle bearing lights full of books for the youngsters to purchase for their home library.

The conference, which is held twice a year, provides the students with the opportunity to show their parents what they are doing in school instead of the teacher.

Dena Diforca thought the student-led conference was a great idea. Her son, Jayden, a 3rd grader, had a blast showing his mom what he had been learning in school.

“The conference was a blast,” Dena said, because she had the opportunity to see what he was doing in school.

Jamie Hommerbocker, school librarian, said she wanted to hold the Storybook Ball so she could get the kids excited about reading.

“There is so much pressure in school, we want them to see the fun to,” she said.

Since Patriot Elementary School is a Title 1 school, it has to hold a certain number of parent involvement nights throughout the year.

“I was looking for something that will create an experience,” Hommerbocker said.

That experience included four characters from the “Wizard of Oz,” along with Pocahontas, Cinderella, Snow White and the evil queen, peasant Bell from “Beauty and the Beast,” Tinker Bell and Clifford the Big Red Dog.

Patriot Elementary Principal Carol Bromby entered the castle as Tinker Bell Monday night and was immediately asked by her students to take pictures with them.

“This is just a fun things we do for the kids,” she said smiling.

Bromby was not alone as parents were pulled in every direction as their children continued to ask them to take pictures with some of their favorite characters.

“I like it, it’s fun,” 3rd grader Madelynne Evanik said.

She said her favorite book is “Three Little Pigs” and she tries to read every night.

Her father, John, thought the Storybook Ball was a good idea because it keeps the youngsters interested in reading.

“I am really pleased,” Hommerbocker said about the way the event turned out. “I would love it if it became a yearly event. I have a very supportive administration that makes it possible.”