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Cape Fire Department asks residents to stay off Cape roads tonight

By Staff | Oct 18, 2011

The Cape Coral Fire Department is advising residents to stay off of Cape Coral roadways for the remainder of Tuesday night. Numerous intersections and roads are flooded, and at night, this presents very dangerous conditions for drivers.

Fire crews rescued an elderly woman who veered off the road and into a flooded ditch area after losing sight of the road’s edge. Much of her car became submerged.

Numerous cars have stalled in flooded areas, with some intersections reported to have 12-18 inches of water. Currently, the eastbound lanes of Diplomat Parkway are closed from Chiquita to Andalusia, while westbound lanes are closed from Andalusia to Santa Barbara. Other main roadways have flooding as well as many arterial roads leading to residential streets.

With more rain anticipated throughout the night, Cape Fire officials are asking residents to remain at home and off the streets until Wednesday.

Source: City of Cape Coral