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Congratulated for common sense

By Staff | Oct 5, 2011

To the editor,

Just when it appeared we might be given a little respite from a new way of reducing Sanibel property owners’ rights, we are broached by a suggestion from a member of the Planning Commission that commercial signs on Sanibel vehicles be restricted (see Sept. 22 Island Reporter editorial supporting such a restriction).

Fortunately, the suggestion was not supported by an other members of the Planning Commission, and was ignored by the City Council. Both organizations are to be congratulated for their common sense.

A logical extension of the individual and the editorial’s position would be a prohibition of any signage that might disturb our island’s purity. It might be difficult, but we certainly should stop all off-island beer and soft drink supply vehicles from coming on-island. They are literally moving billboards. We have a vast number of possible restrictions that have not yet been imposed on Sanibel merchants and homeowners.

If we are to be presented with ideas such as the proposed, perhaps a contest could be held each month for any citizen to suggest a restriction on property rights or freedom of speech. The winner’s name would be part of any such ordinance. The winner would be determined by Sanibel Planning Commission and City Council. Of course, it would be subject to confirmation by an off-island expert.

Thanks to the present Planning Commission and City Council for stopping the present proposed idea in its tracks.

Dale Armstrong

Sanibel and Columbus, Ohio