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Cape Uniforms and More added to Coral Tree Gift Shop at Cape Hospital

By Staff | Oct 4, 2011

After three years of planning, the Coral Tree Gift Shop and Cape Uniforms and More at the Cape Coral Hospital are currently having a soft opening for their customers with some promotions.

Odette Santos, Coral Tree Gift Shop auxiliary business manager at Cape Coral Hospital, said she opened the existing store and became the manager in 1994. She said after all these years, the store needed something better, so she decided to add the uniform store to the gift shop.

“It’s smaller because I gave a third of the store to the uniform store,” Santos said, adding that she likes the change because it is more manageable.

The transition has been in the mix for three years because patient care is the hospital’s first priority.

“It finally became a reality,” she said about the remodeled store.

Eric Huard, auxiliary business manager for Cape Uniforms and More, said a wall was built in the gift shop to provide a separate store. He said before they were located on the south side of the Cape Coral Hospital by the women’s and children’s entrance.

“Most of the employees use the front entrance so there will be more foot traffic definitely,” Huard said, adding that the store also provides him with more space than the previous location.

The Cape Uniforms and More store was moved to its new location Monday.

Huard said he offers an abundance of uniforms ranging from low end to luxury sets.

Starting Friday, the store will offer a 30 percent off sale of all prints for two weeks. Huard said for every purchase a customer makes during that two weeks, they can pick an item from one of the promotional items he receives from different vendors. He will also raffle off some uniforms as well.

Once the two week sale ends, Huard said he will begin another promotion for two more weeks. If a customer purchases an item at regular cost they will received a polo shirt for free.

“We can do polos for offices,” he said. “By giving one away if you buy one item for full price, it gets the word out that we can offer polos with embroidery.”

Santos said she is having a very soft opening at the gift shop, which includes a sale of 25 percent for almost everything in the store.

The merchandise she has in the store changes on a constant basis.

“If I get bored with it, my customers get bored with it,” she said. “If I’m not careful and I don’t give them variety and change, it gets stale.”

Santos hopes to have a grand opening in the near future once the store is completely set up.

“It’s the newest gift shop in the Cape and the cleanest,” she said.