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Ida Baker Key Club members help clean up Cape

By Staff | Oct 3, 2011

Members from the Ida Baker High School Key Club donated their time again this past Saturday to help Take Pride in the Cape clean up foreclosed homes in Cape Coral.

Take Pride in the Cape Coordinator Ray Nicholson said this past Saturday members of the Ida Baker High School Key Club participated in the 671st cleanup project that has taken place.

Fourteen club members and Key Club Advisor Wendi Wilson participated in the efforts Saturday. This is the second school year the Key Club has helped Take Pride in the Cape on the first Saturday of each month.

Before heading to the first house at 7:30 a.m., the group met for breakfast an hour earlier and car pool to the homes.

Key Club President senior Erin Kelly said the first house they visited Saturday was off of Gleason Parkway, which needed a lot of attention. She said the foundation of the house was cracked, along with weeds up to her thigh and overgrown bushes that did not allow anyone to walk up the sidewalk to the front of the house.

“It was a challenging house,’ Kelly said, but “it went by quick.”

Since the house is located on a busy street, she said when people drove by they turned their heads and honked their horns to say thank you for the improvement.

The second house the Key Club visited Saturday also needed a lot of attention due to dead palm trees and vines overtaking the property.

Once the club finished with the second house, Kelly said the person living beside the house gave them chocolate as a thank you for cleaning the house.

She said cleaning up the Cape is very rewarding because it helps the appearance of the community. Kelly said three weeks after they cleaned up a house last year it sold.

“An hour can help sell the house and make the community nicer,” Kelly said about their efforts.

Saturday was Key Club member junior Nicole Quinn’s first time participating in the Take Pride in the Cape event.

“I am very sore,” she said about how she felt Monday afternoon, adding that “it was a fun experience and a great environment to be in and it looks better.”

Although Key Club Vice President senior Kevin Gonzalez and Key Club Secretary junior Meghan Warner could not participate in the efforts this past Saturday, they have provided a helping hand on previous Saturday’s.

Gonzalez said he enjoys donating his time for Take Pride in the Cape because he can see how it is benefiting others and increasing the value of the home. “It is a lot of fun to go out with friends and give back to the community,” he said. “It’s a good time.”

Warner agreed that she enjoyed participating in the project.

“It is rewarding because you are helping out the community,” she said.

Another portion of the project that Kelly enjoys is working alongside the adults in cleaning up a home. Kelly said it is nice to work hand-in-hand with her elders and show them that she can still get up early on a Saturday and clean up a house for four hours.

Wilson said the adults involved in Take Pride in the Cape are wonderful mentors due to their patience and generosity.

The students all agreed that it is fun working with the adults because they joke around and have fun while cleaning a home.

After the students make three trips on a Saturday in cleaning up a home they receive a pin for graduation.

Wilson said the project instills a terrific work skill for the students. She said she hopes the students will continue to give back to the community after they graduate.